The Designer

Designer, Azza Al-Hujairi, was mesmerized since childhood with mythology and history, especially that connected to the Kingdom of Bahrain, the island she comes from. Azza always believed that the island was “magical”, with historical evidence of civilizations dating back to 4000 BC confirming her beliefs.

Previously holding a senior role in a legal consultancy, she desperately felt the need to let go of “real life” in search for a way to preserve her island’s magic.

A fascination with nature, culture, and talismanic Jewellery guided her into jewellery design. Azza comes from a culture where Jewellery is a part of your daily life, and diamonds are welcome to breakfast. Her designs reflect a dance which shifts between this mystical island and modern life.

With Bahrain’s infamous reputation throughout history for its gold and natural pearls, Azza knew she could not find a better medium to preserve the magic of her island.

With years of research into history and mythology connected to Bahrain and studies at the Gemological Institute of America, Azza launched her Fine Jewellery Line in 2012. Azza now sits on the board of the Bahrain Gold and Pearl Association. 

Azza designs and hosts private viewings at her showroom which is located in the island’s most inspiring historical monument, La Fontaine centre of contemporary art.